Sweet Feet Spray is packaged in a one ounce glass bottle that houses a special formula that destroys shoe odor on contact and leaves your shoes and feet smelling sweet and refreshed. How? Sweet Feet Spray is manufactured with alcohol, formulated water and other active ingredients that destroy the stink on contact! Developed by dancers, this non-aerosol, deodorizing foot spray is all-natural and will leave your feet conditioned and smelling fresh. Great to use before and after class. Sweet Feet Deodorizing Spray Leaves shoes smelling sweet all day The invisible vapor barrier works continually to attack the odor causing germs. Feel free to take off your socks and enjoy sweet smelling shoes. Simply spray the inside of the shoe and let dry. Perfect for athletic shoes, sandals, boots, dress shoes, gym bags, lockers, and more! Smokers a little in the hair goes a long way!

It works even for the most heavy shoe users, like construction workers or dancers. Just pump once and feel good odors coming your way. Thousands are happy using this product and are enjoying their lives with good smelling shoes and socks, you don’t have to worry about embarrassing yourself in front of your friend or coworkers.

Spray in shoes problem solved. It destroys shoe odor, refresher shoes and feet, rejuvenates your feet and the spray is not limited only to shoes.