Did you know that there exists a basic, speedy, 100% working remedy for your reeking feet. Wash your feet with any antibacterial detergent. You can find loads of products to keep your feet smell free in your local pharmacy. Scrub your feet with the soap you bought, let your feet soak for two or three minutes, then rinse your feet with water. Keeping your feet from smelling comes down to your hygiene, how often do you change and wash your socks and how many pairs of different shoes you have.

To keep feet clean:

  • Change the shoes you are wearing at least once in 2 days. The best results are when you change your shoes every day. Don’t use the same shoes for more than 24 hours.
  • If you are a teenager, then ask your parents to get you another pair of shoes and explain why you need them, they will surely understand.
  • Wash and dry your feet on a regular basis and change your socks every day (try wearing socks that let your feet breath), but not less than once every 2 days.
  • Don’t let your toenails grow long. The longer your nails are the more bacteria will get under your nails and cause your feet to smell bad.

If your feet sweat a lot more than any other place on your body, it’s a smart thought to:

  • Rub between your toes with a swab in alcohol after a shower – alcohol dries out the skin between the toes very well – also dry your feet properly with a towel
  • You can use your antiperspirant spray that you use for your armpits on your legs to make them smell good for a while
  • Use scented insoles, which have a freshening impact in your shoes
  • Try socks that are meant for sports, they have great ventilation that will keep your feet dry, and they are usually made from material that prevents smell by killing microbes when you sweat
  • Try to wear high quality shoes, rather than cheap shoes. High quality shoes are usually made from better material and focus on letting your feet breath.
  • Don’t wear closed shoes during the summer time or when it is hot outside. If your feet can’t breath they will start to sweat and if they start to sweat they will start to smell.