Start Cleaning Stinky Shoes

Take off the laces and place your shoes inside a pillowcase and wash them in your washer.

Leaving your shoes wet for delayed timeframes can really be the reason for a stinky scent, since microscopic organisms and mold like to develop in wet spots.

Placing Powder In Your Shoes

If the stinky smell stays in your shoes after you have washed and dried them, have a go at sprinkling with baking soda or a foot powder made to control scent.

Common Shoe Cleaners To Get Rid Of Odor

Another way is by splashing your shoes with water blended with rubbing alcohol. The liquor will kill any scent bringing about microscopic organisms that is in your shoes and ought to keep the stinky odor from returning.

If you believe that the scent is coming from the insole of your shoe you can buy new ones at the store and change them. There are insoles that are made specially avoid smells in your tennis shoes.