Odds are you’ll be going to numerous friends homes this summer or Christmas season. Also, with that comes the likelihood of removing your shoes. To stay away from the humiliation of having your tennis shoes or high heels stink up a room, we found an intriguing approach to aerate rotten shoes.

To start with apply a liberal measure of baking soda into the soles. At that point, put the shoes into a plastic sack. After, simply put them in the cooler and leave them overnight. The following morning you can shake the powder out into the rubbish.

It’s a straightforward approach to feel certain about any circumstance. Furthermore, considering how simple it is, you can do this to do this to prevent stinking up your own home!

Or if that is too much hassle for you then you can use the most easiest solution and buy yourself a shoe odor spray, which will deodorize your shoes instantly and make them smell nice instead. It will cost you about 10 dollars and will keep you shoes clean for a long time.