Firstly wash stinky shoes in the washer.

We used to have a top loader washer so stinky tennis shoes could be submerged in water. A decent cleaning would regularly dispose of the stinky shoe smell.

Nonetheless, we now have a high-proficiency front loader that uses almost no water. HE washers make an awesome job cleaning garments, yet they don’t appear to do the thing for foul shoes.

Secondly clean the insoles with vinegar.

Utilizing a blend of 2 sections vinegar and 1 section boiling hot water, splash the soak for a couple of hours. Vinegar is a disinfectant and will well to kill the microscopic organisms covering up the shoes.

Or put foul shoes in the cooler.

This works surprisingly well, particularly for shoes that shouldn’t get wet. Place the shoes in a cooler pack (I’m certain you don’t need shoe germs everywhere on your food!) and let the chill kill do its job for 24 to 48 hours.

If cleaning and/or freezing stinky shoes doesn’t work, it just might be an ideal opportunity to findnew shoes.

You could also try using your dishwasher, just tuck the bands inside so they don’t get got on the turning arm, and place them upside down in the top rack. Include only a tiny bit of cleanser to the distributor. You can wash a few sets in the meantime.