Wear shoes that fit you. At the point when your shoes don’t fit you, your feet could sweat more than expected. Get fitted before purchasing shoes and don’t be reluctant to see a podiatrist if your feet start to hurt you.

Wear shoes that have breathable fabrics. Wearing shoes with more breathable fabrics will eliminate foot-sweat and smell. Synthetic fabrics ordinarily don’t breathe well.

Change shoes. Try not to wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row. This allows them to freshen up before you wear them once more.

Give your shoes a decent airing out. Your feet need airing up, so do your shoes. When it’s pleasant and sunny outside, give your shoes a chance to play outside—without you. That is it––give them a decent break!

Put antiperspirant on your feet. This may sound weird, yet remember that your feet sweat as well. Purchase a stick of antiperspirant that is implied just for your feet and apply it each morning.

Good way to keep your feet dry is to powder them with child or talcum powder. The powder has a wonderful, however inconspicuous, smell to it and could help your feet from sweating.

Put another layer of child powder in the shoes.

Freshen up with baking soda. Sprinkle a bit into your shoes each night when you take them off. Before you put your shoes on in the morning, take the shoes outside and clap the soles together to dispose of abundance powder.

Wear socks when you can. Breathable cotton socks are good to keeping your shoes clean.

Use running socks. They apply “dampness wicking” innovation which keeps your feet dry.

Use cedar insoles or chips. The insoles would stay in your shoes, while the chips should be embedded during the evening and taken out in the morning.

Use silver shoe linings. Linings containing silver are anti microbial and can hinder the development of foul smell.

If your shoes are launderable, give them a wash. Make sure to clean within, (the insole, as well) and let every one of the parts of the shoe dry before wearing once more.