Smelly feet and reaking shoes can prompt inconvenience, humiliation, and can end up being a tremendous social obstacle that can estrange you from society. So make a plan on making your shoes smell like flowers.

Step 1

Know the cause. Stop and inspect your shoes before you attempt to treat the scent. If you have sodden or harmed insoles, either take them out and dry them, or buy insoles that are exceptionally planned to resist bacterial development.

Step 2

Dry out your shoes by putting them close to a warmer or in a sunny spot. Take out the bands and lift the tongue up and out to dry the shoes quicker. By keeping them dry, you avoid bacterial development that causes scent.

Step 3

Buy cedar wood insoles. Cedar smells new, light, and fresh and is naturally good for resisting bacteria.

Step 4

Solidify your shoes. Put your rancid shoes in a plastic sack, and after that place them in the cooler through the span of a night. Defrost them normally the following day in the daylight for the best results.

Step 5

Use cleansing agent/conditioner sheets. Ball up maybe a couple fabric freshener sheets and place them in your shoes after you utilize them.

Step 6

Utilize a steam machine. Steam might kill microorganisms and parasite, subsequently disposing of scent. In case you don’t mind getting your shoes wet, then go for it.

Step 7

Put orange, grapefruit, lemon, or lime peel into the shoes. Citrus peel has an extraordinary scent as a result of its vital oils. Leave crisp citrus peel in your shoes overnight and remove them before wearing.

Step 8

A couple drops of lavender oil is a good idea. This will both kill bacteria and wipe out the smell, replacing it with a lovely scent.