There are a few ways to keep your shoes smelling fresh and there are many reasons why people want to keep their shoes smelling fresh, for example you bought your shoes used and the previous owner was a heavy smoker and you just can’t get the smoke smell out of you new shoes, so what to do?

The only thing you need are drier sheets, they sell these at Target, Walmart, Safeway. Pretty much any convinient store, usually come with 120pc in a pack, so you can do the math yourself, that covers 60 pairs (WOW!).

All you need to do is take one sheet and put it up in your shoe and by doing this the fragerance start coming in to your shoe and will make everything smell nice. If you want to do some extra work, then you can rub the sheet all in your shoe and leave it there overnight. Repeat the same process for both shoes and it will keep you shoes smelling fresh and cleane.