The most ideal approach to counteract reeking feet is hygiene and not wearing the same shoes 2 days in a row. It’s vital to wash your feet consistently and dry them , particularly between the toes. Young people particularly ought to be taught from wearing the same pair of sneakers constantly. You ought to wear clean socks each day. Cotton or fleece socks are vastly better than nylon.

In case you’re especially prone to sweat-soaked feet, you could:

Utilize a shower antiperspirant or antiperspirant on your feet. An ordinary underarm one will work good.

When you have dried your feet with a towel after a shower, dab between toes with a cotton stick soaked in rubbing alcohol.

Put medicatedd insoles in your shoes. These have a freshening impact.

Foot-fresh sock are also great. These are impregnated with chemicals to remove the microorganisms that separate the sweat and cause a scent. A few sports socks have ventilating to keep feet dry.

In the summer , wear open-toed shoes. Go shoeless at home if you can.

Sweat-soaked feet can be treated with an antibacterial foot cream, however don’t in the event that you have broken skin or dermatitis.